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Liana Mostafa is a Queer, Scottish Bengali photographer and creative director, currently based between Vancouver, British Columbia, and Glasgow, Scotland.

Specializing in Portraits, Fashion, Commercial, and Editorial, Liana's work is rooted in emotive storytelling.

Her style can be described as being soft yet bold, exploring the bounds of feminity and queerness, with a touch of ethereality.

Growing up in the UK as part of the South Asian diaspora, these aspects of her identity can be felt throughout her work. She is a strong advocate for empowering diverse and intersectional perspectives, by capturing the unique and untold stories of her subjects.

Outside of photography, Liana is also a Software Developer, video game lover, and cat mum.




H&M, BBC, Netflix, Bella Nude, Silk Purse Sow's Ear, Rebecca Wilson Ceramics, Anna Watson Fashion


BBC2, Netflix, Peerspace, Quake Magazine

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